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He reached out to touch my incorporeal cheek. "What is such a beautiful anomoly as your self doing out here? And what was that you were muttering? Something about... 'Catch the Banana?'"

I blushed (yes we can blush) and...

Suddenly a gunshot rang out in the woods. We both ducked instinctively; his arms flung out as he moved to the ground, and I flet his hand swipe through my chest. I was definitely bummed. I hoped--I longed--for him to really touch me, but instead it was just like the others: they could pass right through. Not only that, but some idiot with a gun disturbed what seemed like a promising moment.

"What the...?" I heard him mutter, and he looked around frantically. He pulled out his own gun.

"Why do you have a--" I began.

"Sorry, beautiful, but it looks like someone's after me. We'll have to run." And he reached to grab my hand, but realized he couldn't. He stared wide-eyed at me and I blushed again, but more out of embarrassment. Being dead was certainly a stab to one's love life.

tagging Jez!
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