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The start of Chapter 2

For Prologue (Chapter 1) go

Because the Gaians were limited primarily to the city of Gaia, and because paranoia reigned regarding undue pollution, only the infirm were allowed to use transportation machinery within the city limits. For those traveling to Foster City, Pax, or beyond, it was necessary to be transported more quickly, so they reserved the right to ride in vehicles powered by electricity. Why the Gaians were worried about these "clean running" vehicles polluting the air was beyond me. I tried to research the thing once, but my editor shot down the idea. I believed that the leaders of Gaia simply didn't want the Gaians to have the ability to leave, but maybe that's just a crazy idea. At any rate, I walked from my little office to Candace's home. It had all of the signs of a wealthy residence. There was an iron gate around the house, a fountain that enabled an irrigation system for ludicrously rich gardens, and doorknobs and other little accessories were made of copper. The house sat back far from the road as if it were hiding from loud noises or something else. I pushed a button on the intercom that was nestled in the front gate's corner.
"Name?" a voice said accusingly.
"Uh, yeah, I'm the journalist scheduled to meet with Artemisia?"
"Stand back."
I did what I was told. The gate opened. I walked down the path to the door, which was shaded by an arch of sharlen trees (the Gaians also referred to these as Burwadian Cherries). A heavy door that was painted white contrasted sharply with the cobalt house -- the wealthy Gaians had borrowed the look from the Burwadians. A door knocker in the shape of a Cootoo beetle begged me to make my presence officially known, but for some reason, my heart was making the same sound that I knew the door would make when I rapped it with the knocker. Why was i so worked up? I came close to turning around and retreating down the path laden with white petals, but just then the door creaked open, and there in the warm light of the day stood Artemisia.
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